Can technology delete the art in the marble industry?

Michelangelo artThe story goes that one day somebody asked to Michelangelo how he could make those wonders of art in marble. Michelangelo led to the person who asked to the Carrara quarries, and he said, “Inside this block of marble there is an angel, I have to get it out”. And the story tells that the genius did not stop until the angel managed to spread its wings …

Michelangelo visualized in marble the art of the sculpture that he was imagining. From there, the story goes that the sculptor examined for hours the quarry and marble that he was going to marble artuse for his work. In the sculptures that he made, in the David and La Piedad, or any other sculpture, the figure appears opposed to marble from it was made, in other words, its transformation makes it completely different from the block of marble that it was extracted. So that, Michelangelo displayed his art in his figures and gave them beauty and reality that what it makes them unique.

Just as in art, marble processing was done primarily by hand and the beauty of the result was given by the artist or sculptor, is possible that the use of technology in a marble block deletes or cancels the beauty that the sculptor can give? in my experience I can say that it is impossible, in the post that I published about me, I commented that my first works were made ​​100% by hand and now I work with technology, that means as in any profession as long as you love what you do, the result is beauty, excellence and unique works. This applies to areas such as Macael, Spain, where life is marble, artisans enhance the use of technology to make unique marble pieces and so enhance their beauty, it means that the use of technology do not take off beauty in the marble pieces, but enhances.

Technology in the marble industry

Nowadays, the development of this material is done in workshops with technology in order to transform the blocks of marble in slabs , with specific sizes and finish that are required. (Floor, wall, stairs for buildings, etc..)

marble cutter

marble cutter technology

Marble, joined the workshop as a raw material in a block form, starting its production in accordance with the characteristics of the feedstock: block size, hardness, jointing, laminating, abrasive, fragile, etc.

Once in the shop, there are two ways to subdivide a block:

(a). – By looms, consisting of steel strapping.

(b). – By cutters consist of diamond discs.

steel strapping marble cutter

dimond discs marble cutter

After cut the blocks, these passed to the preparation of the plates, these are being produced on looms and cutters, those are products destined to become a piece by a chain process consists of a series of mechanical treatments and many of these treatments are similar to the marble and granite.

marble cutters

Once divided the block into slabs, the next operation to be performed in marble or granite processing is polishing and buffing them, yielding smooth, flat surfaces, and acquiring the characteristic shiny appearance.

marble polishing

Finally, the surface treatment is finished and cutting the tiles, which can be subjected to various finishing operations in order to give them an attractive finished appearance and / or function. The equipment used for finishing marble and granite are similar.

marble finishing

In summary, what technology offers to the marble industry is efficiency, perfection and dynamism in all of the pieces and also it enhances the art and beauty. Furthermore, thanks to technology we can work quickly, manufacture and market all of the pieces that we make. We will see more about it in my next article.



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