What is the best natural stone for your home decoration?

hotel-alfonso-xiii-sevilla-chimenea-de-marmol1.jpgPreviously we have seen the marble process, from its extraction to its finished. Today I would like to begin to share about a new topic that is very important when you want to use natural stones for your home and I would like to answer a common question that many people ask too, what is the best natural stone for my home decoration?. Then, I would like to talk about some of the differences between natural stones and their most common use in the house, so you can have a better idea.

Did you know that the beauty of natural stones is the fact that there are not two natural stones alike?
this is the reason why homeowners give more confidence to natural stones for their home decoration.
– Marble: it is my favorite natural stone, besides I work with it, I can say that it is easy to get a luxury bathroom by installing marble floors. In kitchens, sinks and shelves are also built with marble to get an amazing appearance.
– Sandstone: is an excellent choice for interior floors and walls. The most popular use of this stone is in elegant fireplaces at home. Beams, marmol-y-granito2pillars and window frames in sandstone improve the appearance of your home.
– Limestone: is a natural stone that is very resistant to heat and water. This stone is used in pools and other exterior parts of the house. In addition, limestone is also used for indoor flooring and kitchen countertops.
– Granite: these stones are used for stairs, floors, countertops, and many other designs. Also they are used in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens; they add a charming look to the house.
There are many other natural stones that you can choose for your designs; however you should choose the highest degree of quality in order to use the natural stone in different designs in your home.



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