What are the differences between natural stones and artificial stones?

hermosa-casa-moderna-fachada-piedraPreviously, I talked about the different types of natural stones that you can use when you want to decorate or design your home, now I’m going to talk about what are the main differences between natural stone and artificial stones in order to know where or when you can use one or another stone.

As we know, stones are one of the most important things when you want to build or design your home, because they are in the interior and in the exterior designs. The types of stones in your home may vary, because they depend on the designs that you want to use in your  kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. Generally, stones are used in beautiful walls, countertops, fireplaces, balustrades and in pieces like the mosaics and the only difference between them are the type of stone that you can use. So, we can say that the main difference between stones is that there are two types of stones: artificial stones and natural stones and as we know both are used for the house constructions.1231676_10151869713110238_1129179326_n

Natural stone is the result of nature, they are created naturally. They have colors and bright textures and they also have sizes and shapes which make them beautiful and impressive. On the other hand, the artificial stones are cement-based products which are molded to become a stone surfaces. Those types of stones are sprayed, dyed or coated as stucco which is a paste consists of grained as pulverized marble, gypsum, natural pigments, etc.  Moreover, artificial stones are used as pieces that can adhere to a wall or structural surface such as tiles.

1265922303_73415361_2-granito-y-marmol-para-cocinas-y-pisos-MonterreySome of the artificial stones are used for building houses and they are called Modena, Verona Rose, pitcher, whiteboard, brick, red brick, etc. These types of stones are generally used in the house exteriors such as walls, pavements, floors and ceilings. Artificial stones are light and easy to install too, because their weight is less than natural stones, so they can be installed on almost any type of wall or panel.

In summary, artificial stones beauty may be similar to those of natural stones, but they are never the same. So, you should choose the best stone for your house, but you have to keep in mind that it depends on what you want to create and design in your home.



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