Why use marble floors at home?

mármol blanco de Macael 1Marble is a metamorphic rock that varies in its hardness, its design and color. It is quite difficult to get two identical marble rocks, maybe you can find two similar rocks but not the same rocks. Marble rocks are differents because they depend on the location that people get them and that is the reason why they are exported worldwide. At home we can use marble in the floors, countertops and wherever we want.

In this post I will present you what are the advantages and the reason why to use marble floors at home, plus they are an excellent choice for different types of environments at home for their many benefits that they offer:

There are many varieties of marble in the world, including India marbles as Makarana, Rajnagar, katni and more. The black marble from China is expensive, but is a good choice.
– Marble is an expensive material, but there are some marble varieties that you can buy with a low budget.
Marble is a natural stone with long duration; marble floors are very durable and they can last over 10 years.
Unlimited designs, some types of marble have patterns on their surfaces which make them unique and limitless designs. Palacio Neptuno columnas de mármol V
– One of marble advantage is that you can install it in warm regions. Marble floor can give a touch of freshness to your home, if you live in a warm country.
Easy installation and maintenance, marble floors are easy to install and easy to maintain. A regular cleaning can help to homeowners to maintain the natural stone appearance.


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  1. […] one of my posts I talked about  why use marble floors at home and I mentioned that marble is a metamorphic rock that varies in its hardness, its design and color […]

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