What you need to know about marble countertops

encimera de mármolMarble is a beautiful addition for your countertop kitchen or countertop bathroom and they are certainly one of the most elegant materials you can choose for any home. They are an elite product with variable prices.

What are marble countertops?

These natural stones are mined from metamorphic rock consisting of crystallized carbon. The hard rock is cut into slabs of the proper thickness for bathroom or kitchen countertops. Some of the slabs will be fairly solid in color, with slight variations and hues. Other slabs will display characteristics known as veining which are streams of minerals that run through the stone.

Now let’s talk about marble countertop advantages for your kitchenencimeras de mármol 2
– Marble countertops are resistant to heat and they don’t burn, therefore can be used safely in the kitchen.
– Marble countertops can be burnt if something is placed directly without the use of a carpet.
– Marble types: Expensive slabs but durable and the cheap slabs, but susceptible to damage if the object weight is heavy.
– Polished marble is susceptible to marks when acid liquids are spilled on it and the countertop can be completely damaged.
– I recommend you to choose a matte finish rather than a polished finish to your marble kitchen countertop.
– Marble carries fewer maintenance problems. So, it is ideal for your home.



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