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8 tips for having a marble table top

If  you are thinking to buy a marble table for its formal elegance, there are eight things you need to take into account in order to have the best marble table in your home. Marble is a soft stone, so although it is very dense, it is also rather vulnerable to staining and scratching.  So […]

8 consejos al comprar una mesa de mármol

¿Estáis pensando en comprar una mesa de mármol por su belleza clásica y su elegancia intemporal? Antes debéis tener en cuenta ocho cosas para realizar muy bien esta compra. El mármol es una piedra blanda, por lo que a pesar de que es muy denso, también es bastante vulnerable a las manchas y arañazos. Así que […]

Why choose a marble fireplace?

Almost any home can change with the addition of a marble fireplace, because it can create a focal point of sophistication. Here are some of the main benefits of installing a marble fireplace: Marble fireplaces bring warmth to your home One of the main appeals of any fireplace is the warmth of a genuine open […]