8 tips for having a marble table top

mesa de mármol 2If  you are thinking to buy a marble table for its formal elegance, there are eight things you need to take into account in order to have the best marble table in your home. Marble is a soft stone, so although it is very dense, it is also rather vulnerable to staining and scratching.  So if you take the time to maintain it properly, your marble table can be enjoyed for many years to come without many costs.

Here are eight things to think about before buying a marble table:

1)Marble requires careful cleaning and maintenance.
2)Avoid to put anything sticky and hot directly on the marble table top.
3)You will need to use coasters all the time.
4)It is important to consider how the table will be used in your home. For example, a marble  table would be great in a formal living room, but don’t think to buy a marble table as a coloring table for children or a spot to rest your laptop. mesa de mármol 3
5)It scratches and etches easily.
6)A marble top table would need to be sealed regularly. Once a year is the recommendation to protect your marble.
7)Marble is rather sensitive to commonly used substances. Wine, coffee and colas can damage or dull the finish of a marble table top.
8)If your marble table gets scratched it can be repaired by a professional. The cost of this service is significant, so if you consider the previous tips you won’t need a professional every year.


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