Restoration, cleaning and maintenance process of marble

restauración en mármolIn a previous post, I showed you 5 wonderful marble construction replicas  and the reasons why these buildings are still admired, but how are these monuments still marveling despite the weather? This is possible through their restoration and conservation. So, today I would want to talk about  restoration, cleaning and maintenance process of marble in the great works of architecture. As you know, normally great marble monuments are in outdoor locations exposed to erosion, contamination and pollution, which causes them to lose their unique and original look.

Now, if we start to talk about the restoration process, this is usually more expensive and more complex than create an original marble piece, because you have to take into account the type of wear, the care that you must have if the marble piece is old, also the marble type or granite in which the original piece is made, etc.

For example, the restoring process of the Patio de los Leones in La Alhambra, Spain was complex and expensive, because they had to disassemble all the marble pieces and transfer them to specialized workshops in order to fix all the damages and then, they had to re-mount the marble pieces in their original places.patio-leones-alhambra

There are more complex restorations as the Greek Parthenon, because the experts have to clean the marble pieces, they have to disassemble, restore and make new marble pieces based on studies and old photographs and existing marble pieces for its complete restoration.


La Sagrada Familia restoration process is a unique case, ​​the building it is not finished yet but it is being restored, this is because the stone erosion and wear. sagrada-familia restauración

Moreover, the marble piece cleaning process is usually done with systems and latest technology products. Currently, the best marble cleaning process is the Dry Ice Blasting, because this reduces downtime, also mould surfaces are not damaged, as the process is very gentle. Furthermore, one of the advantages of this system is that it cleans and shows the marble purity and it does not use chemicals, in other words, it does not harm the environment.

restauración de piedra

Finally, as you know any monument made ​​of stone, marble or granite needs a conservation plan in order to follow their wear, deterioration and time, so they can continue to be admired for many years.



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