How to prevent slips and falls on marble and granite floor surfaces?

resbala-suelo-deslizante mármolIn one of my posts I talked about  why use marble floors at home and I mentioned that marble is a metamorphic rock that varies in its hardness, its design and color, so that is the reason why you can find marble all over the world with a high quality, such as Spain, India, China, etc.

Coating a floor surface at home is an easy task and it is not so complicated when you want to use marble and granite on it, because marble floors are easy to install and easy to maintain. But keep in mind what kind of marble finish should be used in a certain place of the house, in order to prevent slips and falls of children, adults or the elderly. For example, a polished finishes should not be put in the bathroom floors because the accident is insured.

However, the marble floors which have a sandblasted finish, grinding, cut or granulated are not danger, because we will have more friction to the ground.  These finishes are often used in areas where soil moisture is constant, such as pools and bathrooms.

acabado mármol arenado 1

Sandblasted finish

acabado mármol amolado

Grinding finish

acabado mármol abujardado

Bush hammered finish

acabado mármol envejecido

Antique finish

Moreover, if the marble and granite floor coatings are polished it is possible that you can fall down. These types of coating finishes can give a chic and unique style in your living room, bedrooms, dining room, etc, but you must be careful when the floor is wet, because it is usually very dangerous and very slippery.

acabado pulido y abrillantado

Finally, if you have marble floors and granite these are my tips:

1) Choose the marble finish type you want to have in a certain area of ​​the house, because marble and granite finishes are not the same and work the same.

2) If a marble floor is waxed you should be sure to remove the product very well.

3) Use caution when the soil surface is wet and you ought to dry thoroughly to avoid accidents.

4) If a public space is wet you should signal that the floor is wet.

suelo mármol



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