White marble in all its glory

Are you thinking of having white marble at home? Today I am going to talk about a marble color that is always trendy and also it looks wonderful in your home decoration,  it is the white marble. White is an achromatic color, which in the Western world represents purity and cleanliness. White is a protective color, it brings us peace and comfort, it gives us a sense of calm and tranquility, moreover it helps us to feel our surroundings clean and also clarify our emotions and thoughts. comedor en blanco blanco   If you ever need space in your life because you feel overwhelmed, white is a color that can help you to release the pressure. These are the reasons why many people use this color in their home decoration, because it gives us breadth, tranquility and peace. When we talk about Carrara marble or Macael White marble, they give us a sense of cleanliness and brightness because they are elegance and timelessness.  Although marble is presented in varying colors, white is definitely an excellent choice for your kitchen, countertops, floors, bathrooms,gardens, etc..   mármol blanco casa   Collister-Street-10   Now I will mention some advantages and disadvantages of having white marble at home:

  • White marble beauty is classic and timeless, in other words, the passage of time does not affect it. White marble brightness is unique.
  • There are many types of White marble in the world, but the most famous are Macael white marble and Carrara marble.
  • Marble is a good choice in hot climates because it is a natural stone with a cold temperature.
  • The feeling of cleanliness and tranquility that gives us the color white is unmatched with any other color.
  • The cost is very affordable, while some other marbles are expensive, white marble is one of the cheapest natural stone.

If you think you’re a little crazy for wanting white marble for your home decoration, you are not,  only take into account the necessary cares to keep your marble clean and shiny, so you can enjoy it for many years.



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