Marble décor and street furniture

Do you know that the marble elaboration in the urban construction dates back to many centuries ago? in the ancient Greece, marble was used to build  luxury buildings. Also, in the ancient Rome, marble was a very important material.

Before the invasion of the east, Rome was dominated by wood, brick, terracotta and plain white stone, such as the local travertine. Then the symbolic potential of exotic marble was fully appreciated by Rome’s first emperor, Augustus. That is the reason why we can see a lot of marble sculptures and marble buildings in the public and private architecture, such as the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Renaissance till our present days, the marble elaboration has changed. Now, we can understand why marble has been and still being an important material in the contemporary architecture and construction.

Nowadays, one of the main marble applications is the amount of urban products that we can develop. For example, flower pots, benches, walls, flooring, balustrades and lampposts, among others. The popularity of these marble pieces is due to its utility, versatility, durability and elegance, because they are not only decorative pieces in the streets, avenues, squares, etc, also they are marble pieces that people can use.

Now, I am going to show you some marble applications in the urban construction:

– Flower pots: in the urban construction, the most common use of the marble flower pots is the squares and avenues decoration, because it enhances the beauty of any place.

jardinera de mármol

jardinera de mármol 2

jardineras-marmol-espacios-publicos-– Benches: besides that the marble benches are decorative pieces, the people can use them in the streets, parks, gardens, etc and they can have any finished.

bancos de mármol

Contemporary public bench in concrete (modular)

bancos de mármol 2– Curbs and Pavements: the marble curbs and pavements give beauty to the cities, sidewalks and walkways. Their finishes are usually honed, bush hammered, sandblasted or rough.

pavimento de mármol 3

pavimento en mármol

pavimento de mármol 1– Balustrades: the urban marble balustrades are used in stairs, boardwalks, parks and gardens.

balaustrada de mármol  1

balaustrada de mármol blanco de Macael

balaustrada de mármol– Lampposts: the marble lampposts are used to decorate squares and monuments in the city.

farola en mármol

farolas de mármol 2– Bins: the marble bins are used to decorate and maintain the city clean.

papelera de mármol 3

papelera de mármol

Note: marble has a lot of uses in urban construction, this natural stone is also use in walls, bridges, columns, fountains, facing and facades, among others.

columnas de mármol



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