Marble makes difference in the haute cuisine

plato de mármol 3For many years, marble has been one of the most important materials in a lot of decorative pieces and also in the contemporary architecture.  The marble’s versatility and its beauty are unique, because it can be able to transcend in all its styles. As well as, we can see marble bathrooms, marble countertops, floors, marble fireplaces, etc. we know that marble can be an amazing material in our gastronomy.

This natural stone helps to magnify, increase, and enlarge any food, so this is one of the most important marble’s characteristic in gastronomy, because it is not the same eat on a plate with a striking presentation than eat on a bad one.

plato de mármol 5

Macael white marble plate

Although, the use of this natural stone in the kitchens is not something new (one proof is the famous Macael white marble mortar, which have been used for many years) it is true that the use of marble in the haute cuisine is a trend that is being focused in the originality and elegance in the restaurants, not only for its natural and classic look, but also for its utility on the table.

plato de mármol

Macael white marble plates

platos de mármol 7

plato de mármol 1

Besides marble, there are also other types of natural stones that can make your dish a piece of art. For example, the slate plates give charm and magic to any meal or snack you want to serve on it. Also, the granite and volcanic rock plates are used to roast the meat to the stone, because their main features are hardness and heat resistance.

platos de pizarra 1

Slate plates

platos de pizarra

plato de piedra volcánica

Volcanic rock plates

plato de granito

Granite plates



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