How to choose a natural stone color for your home decor?

1231676_10151869713110238_1129179326_nNatural stones as marble, slate or granite come in many colors that sometimes make us doubt what would be the best choice for decorating a space. On many occasions, we want to combine the natural stone color with the floor, furniture or painting. Although this seems logical, we must take into account that we tend to move and change our furniture, also we tend to change our room paintings, because it is the quickest and least expensive way when you want to change the overall appearance of a room.

Here are some tips which can help you when you want to choose the natural stone color for your home decor:espacios piedra natural

Reinvent the space:

You can consider the entire space, not just floors and countertops. Do not think about the place that is today and the colors that might look good on it, but think about what could be.

Consider the color meaning:

As we know, the color is one of the most important things in a room decor, because it affects the person’s mood as well as a room. Cold colors which are in the range between blue and green, tend to show a formal and large room, while warm colors like red, yellow and brown, gives a cozy feeling.

coloresPlay with the natural light:

We have to take into account that if we choose a natural stone color which is different to the light spectrum, it would show us a different room with sophisticated and balanced look. For instance, if the natural light comes through the window in yellow and red colors, the best color to choose would be blue and green.

First, choose the natural Stone color:

Dark colors tend to show a small room, but light colors tend to large a space. For example: a kitchen with dark marble, lighter colors in the wall and white roof would tend to show us the roof larger than actually it is.

Do not worry about thinking how to combine a natural stone in a room, but think how to combine the room to the natural stone.cinc 168.tif

Choose the room color within the same family natural stone color that you have chosen:

For instance, you can choose the prime color for the walls and use the countertops color as its complement. This will give to the room warmth and elegance atmosphere.

Finally, you may think that choose a room color could be a little intimidating, but do not worry, because if you do not like the first option you can change it.



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