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4 tips to reinvent your marble fireplace

As you know, a marble fireplace adds elegance and warmth to any home. Also, marble fireplaces come in many varieties and their installations are quick and easy. Besides, they are easy to maintain and clean. (Why choose a marble fireplace?) However, marble as any other natural stone may discolor, crack or the passage of time […]

How to choose a natural stone color for your home decor?

Natural stones as marble, slate or granite come in many colors that sometimes make us doubt what would be the best choice for decorating a space. On many occasions, we want to combine the natural stone color with the floor, furniture or painting. Although this seems logical, we must take into account that we tend to […]

Marble makes difference in the haute cuisine

For many years, marble has been one of the most important materials in a lot of decorative pieces and also in the contemporary architecture.  The marble’s versatility and its beauty are unique, because it can be able to transcend in all its styles. As well as, we can see marble bathrooms, marble countertops, floors, marble […]

Marble décor and street furniture

Do you know that the marble elaboration in the urban construction dates back to many centuries ago? in the ancient Greece, marble was used to build  luxury buildings. Also, in the ancient Rome, marble was a very important material. Before the invasion of the east, Rome was dominated by wood, brick, terracotta and plain white stone, such as the […]

What is the best natural stone for your garden?

Are you thinking of having natural stone for your garden décor?  when you buy a house with garden, it becomes in one of the biggest purchases you can do and it is important to take into account that the money you want to spend on it will be an investment, in other words, it should not be a […]

White marble in all its glory

Are you thinking of having white marble at home? Today I am going to talk about a marble color that is always trendy and also it looks wonderful in your home decoration,  it is the white marble. White is an achromatic color, which in the Western world represents purity and cleanliness. White is a protective […]

How to prevent slips and falls on marble and granite floor surfaces?

In one of my posts I talked about  why use marble floors at home and I mentioned that marble is a metamorphic rock that varies in its hardness, its design and color, so that is the reason why you can find marble all over the world with a high quality, such as Spain, India, China, […]