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Marble makes difference in the haute cuisine

For many years, marble has been one of the most important materials in a lot of decorative pieces and also in the contemporary architecture.  The marble’s versatility and its beauty are unique, because it can be able to transcend in all its styles. As well as, we can see marble bathrooms, marble countertops, floors, marble […]

Marble décor and street furniture

Do you know that the marble elaboration in the urban construction dates back to many centuries ago? in the ancient Greece, marble was used to build  luxury buildings. Also, in the ancient Rome, marble was a very important material. Before the invasion of the east, Rome was dominated by wood, brick, terracotta and plain white stone, such as the […]

Restoration, cleaning and maintenance process of marble

In a previous post, I showed you 5 wonderful marble construction replicas  and the reasons why these buildings are still admired, but how are these monuments still marveling despite the weather? This is possible through their restoration and conservation. So, today I would want to talk about  restoration, cleaning and maintenance process of marble in […]

How to choose the best marble bathtub for your bathroom décor

In a previous post I talked about some advantages and disadvantages of having marble in the bathroom. Today I will talk about how to choose the best marble bathtub for your bathroom décor. When you want to choose a marble bathtub you have to consider several factors such as its size, design, color and price. […]

5 wonderful marble construction replicas

On my last post I showed you amazing marble constructions in the Omeya era in Spain and I mentioned that marble is so pure and beautiful that the pass of the centuries does not affect it, so marble constructions are still admired. Therefore, today I will talk about 5 wonderful marble construction replicas which were […]

Amazing marble constructions in the Omeya era in Spain

Recently a client asked me to build a marble Omeya column with its capital and base, in 34 years that I have as marble craftsman this is the first Omeya column I am creating. Marble is so pure and beautiful that the pass of the centuries does not affect it. The original Omeya column was […]

Advantages and disadvantages to using Marble in the Bathroom

When you are planning a new bathroom or remodeling an old one, you may be tempted by the idea of using marble for its countertops, floor and walls. Marble has a reputation as one of the most luxurious home design materials and they can definitely create an eye-catching look for any room. However, while there […]