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Las tencencias del mármol en las temporadas 2016/2017

Cuando hablamos de las tendencias en la decoración de espacios, no es de extrañar que el mármol sea el protagonista y pieza clave en innumerables piezas decorativas y en la arquitectura  contemporánea, esta es una piedra natural que da un estilo único y original a cualquier lugar. El mármol nunca pasa desapercibido, puesto que sigue siendo […]

White marble in all its glory

Are you thinking of having white marble at home? Today I am going to talk about a marble color that is always trendy and also it looks wonderful in your home decoration,  it is the white marble. White is an achromatic color, which in the Western world represents purity and cleanliness. White is a protective […]

How to choose the best marble bathtub for your bathroom décor

In a previous post I talked about some advantages and disadvantages of having marble in the bathroom. Today I will talk about how to choose the best marble bathtub for your bathroom décor. When you want to choose a marble bathtub you have to consider several factors such as its size, design, color and price. […]

Amazing marble constructions in the Omeya era in Spain

Recently a client asked me to build a marble Omeya column with its capital and base, in 34 years that I have as marble craftsman this is the first Omeya column I am creating. Marble is so pure and beautiful that the pass of the centuries does not affect it. The original Omeya column was […]

6 tips for caring for a marble table top

On the last post I gave you 8 important things that you should know before buy a marble table top, but if you have one at home, you should know that a marble table requires more maintenance than other tables, such as a glass. Whereas the glass table needs some Windex, a marble table needs […]

8 tips for having a marble table top

If  you are thinking to buy a marble table for its formal elegance, there are eight things you need to take into account in order to have the best marble table in your home. Marble is a soft stone, so although it is very dense, it is also rather vulnerable to staining and scratching.  So […]

Why choose a marble fireplace?

Almost any home can change with the addition of a marble fireplace, because it can create a focal point of sophistication. Here are some of the main benefits of installing a marble fireplace: Marble fireplaces bring warmth to your home One of the main appeals of any fireplace is the warmth of a genuine open […]